Residential & Commercial Closings
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About Residential & Commercial Closings

When representing clients in Real Estate matters, Attorney Witecki will tackle any contractual dispute or other legal issues that come to light during the closing process, including issues relating to the inspection and condition of buildings and land. And even if no problems arise, attorney Witecki and his staff will draft and review every document line by line for accuracy. Once the Purchase and Sale Agreement has been reviewed by attorneys from both sides and approved, the closing process continues. At that point, issues relating to inspections, mortgage contingencies and associated matters progress toward a closing, where documents and payments are pulled together to complete the sale.

Your closing attorney’s job is to thoroughly read everything and identify any issues that might put you in jeopardy, and then take action to address any problems. 

You can count on your attorney to handle the following:

  • Identify and assist in clearing title of liens and judgments
  • Engage in negotiations to resolve disagreements 
  • Calculate and review all financial aspects of the transaction

The Witecki Law Office provides the following estate planning services: Wills and Trusts, Asset Protection, Medicaid Planning, Elder Law, Powers of Attorney, Probate and Administration, Guardianships, and Health Care Proxies.