Boundary Disputes & Easements
Inside Witecki Law Office

Easements and boundary issues often come up in legal contexts involving any of the following:

  • Identifying, defining, clarifying, and enforcing the rights of various individuals and entities concerning the use and ownership of real property
  • Negotiating and making agreements to resolve differences and disputes
  • Recovering compensation for damages
  • Efforts to compel others to recognize your rights or cease improper actions

Attorney Witecki can assist clients with:

  • Granting or obtaining rights to use portions of adjacent properties (such as to use water from a stream, share a driveway, drive over another owner’s land to access your property, etc.)
  • Reach agreements regarding building, dismantling, altering or repairing a fence or wall
  • Resolve disagreements regarding interference, obstructions, encroachment, use or maintenance of an easement or boundary line
  • Prevent situations between neighbors that might lead to an unwanted adverse possession action over time
  • Confirm or refute the extent of an easement or boundary line agreement after the death of one party, or after a conveyance of property

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