Commercial Litigation
Inside Witecki Law Office

Commercial litigation involves various types of disputes that can arise in the business context, including breach of contract cases, partnership/joint venture disputes, breach of fiduciary duty allegations, etc. Attorney Witecki will be able to assess the merits of a dispute and scale either a prosecution or defense that fits the legal and business needs of the client. Efficiency, creativity, and sound judgment are critical for intelligently positioning these disputes. Ultimate success in these matters requires thorough preparation from the outset, in order to be fully ready for trial; however, most cases settle prior to trial and intensive preparation from the beginning usually results in a better outcome during the negotiation and settlement process.

The Witecki Law Office provides the following estate planning services: Wills and Trusts, Asset Protection, Medicaid Planning, Elder Law, Powers of Attorney, Probate and Administration, Guardianships, and Health Care Proxies.